Saildrone closes $100 Million Funding Round

Saildrone has been getting a lot of attention lately, in September the company released exciting video footage, taken by a Saildrone uncrewed surface vehicle (USV), from inside a Category 4 Hurricane! And earlier this week they announced that they have closed a $100 Million Series C funding round, bringing their total funding to $190 Million. Saildrone,, is a San Francisco based company that designs, manufacturers, and operates a fleet of USVs that are predominantly powered by wind and solar. According to Saildrone, the new financing will be used to grow Saildrone’s data insight teams and scale go-to-market functions to meet the rapidly growing demand for ocean domain intelligence. This is a great example of the kind of investment activity taking place within the blue tech world today and it’s one of the driving reasons we created the Blue Venture Forum. Over the course of the next year, as part of our programming, we hope to feature more examples of blue technology companies, like Saildrone and Dive Technologies, that are developing great products that address issues of critical concern, for the United States, our ocean’s, and the planet, and have successfully secured equity investment. On behalf of everyone here at the Blue Innovation Symposium and Blue Venture Forum, we wish the team at Saildrone congratulations and much success!
Saildrone $100 Million Funding Round
  You can read more about SailDrone and this recent funding round by clicking here.