Demo Day Updates, RI Delegation to H20, and Ocean MBA

Come get your feet wet!

May 4 Blue Venture In-water Equipment Demo Day is just 8 weeks away and don’t miss the opportunity to get your gear wet and in front of some very motivated investors. We are hearing from exhibitors and technology developers that this day will be impactful. Investors are eager to see more of what you have to offer. The organizers are getting ready to enable you to get your gear in the water and running so folks can see for themselves what blue tech can do.

Register here to demonstrate, exhibit, and attend.

Demo Day participants to date include:

Applied Research Associates – Ohmsett Facility – Exhibitor 

Aurelia Upper Ocean Profiler UMass Dartmouth– In-Water Demonstration

SAAB, Inc. – Exhibitor

STEC Technologies – In-Water Demonstration 

Current Labs – Exhibitor

Investors are signing up to attend the May 4 Demo Day

DTN VENTURES has been investing in the private markets since the mid-2000s across a number of different verticals, including Media & Entertainment, Logistics, Infrastructure, Telecom, Technology Renewable Resources, and Energy & Power. Our most interesting investments have operated at the intersection of one or more of these verticals.

NOR’EASTER VENTURES invests in teams building solutions with deep tech by working with entrepreneurs focused on transforming financial services, health care, logistics, media, manufacturing, security and transportation sectors. Their startups exploit recent advances in computation coupled with proprietary cryptography, microfluidics, sensors, synthetic biology, autonomous navigation, visual 

simulation and nano-materials.

SACHEM STRATEGIES is a boutique consulting firm that advises leading businesses on government relations. We use our extensive connections, resources, and expertise to provide unparalleled interaction with federal policymakers. Our clients represent an array of industries, including technology, defense, energy, and financial services.

SLATER TECHNOLOGY FUND is an evergreen not-for-profit seed fund dedicated to supporting new venture development in Rhode Island. We invest in early-stage technology ventures founded by entrepreneurs who have the vision, courage and tenacity to build companies that aim to achieve transformational impact in the industries or markets they serve.

RightHill Ventures was founded by the Slater Technology Fund to provide venture capital and other support to early-stage technology companies commercializing the most promising R&D coming from universities’ ecosystems.

TIDEPOOLE is an advisory and consulting firm working with emerging technologies in the IoT, marine, energy and sustainability markets. They provide Angel and seed funding for marine and blue-tech companies.

Bryant College Recruitment for H20 Conference 2023

June 12-14,2023 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Contact: Cecilia Pirotta, International Trade Specialist, Bryant University

[email protected] | 401-232-6483

Apply to Propeller’s Ocean MBA Summer ‘23 Cohort

The Propeller Ocean MBA accelerates startup founders on their path to building successful ocean-climate companies through an intimate and intense curriculum from some of the best practitioners in the industry. In our summer session, we bring together mission-driven founders to participate in a rigorous few days of startup case studies, working sessions, and guest lectures with experience in everything from commercializing scientific innovation to fundraising through to exit.

It is your chance to hone your strategy and pitch it to active investors. It’s our chance to get to know your startup inside and out. And it’s on all of us to inspire and be inspired by a cohort of stellar innovators.


The Summer ‘23 Ocean MBA session will take place at MIT Sloan from May 17-19, 2023. Candidates will be reviewed on a rolling basis through April 1st, 2023.

Learn more and apply here:

Save-the-Date for next Blue Innovation Symposium February 27-29, 2024

Our Mission is to connect Blue Tech start-ups with real-deal investors via one on one meetings, pitch sessions, Blue Venture Investment Summit (s), Blue Innovation Symposium (s) In-water equipment demos and more. We bring seasoned, experienced, knowledgeable minds together to …. Do something amazing…